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Plastic Card & Credit Card Cutting Systems

Hawkes engineers a wide range of card punching, stacking, laminating, magnetic tape layer and GSM punching & scribing machines. Customised systems are available to suit all requirements for plastic card production: ID-cards, security cards, bank mini-cards, gift and loyalty cards and more. Tooling also available.

Auto card punching & stacking machine
Hawkes Automatic Card Punching & Stacking Machine delivers high-volume, extremely accurate cutting of stacked and printed material in any commercial format. Inboard and outboard ball screw servo drive grippers ensure positioning accuracy of ± 0.1 mm and optical sensors with a registration mark tracking system hold cut-to-print tolerance of ± 0.1 mm. A touch-screen operator interface with machine dialogue and self-diagnostic trouble shooting makes the system very easy to operate.

The Hawkes Automatic Card Punching & Stacking Machine is also available in ‘High Speed’ Version:

  • 35% faster than standard card punching systems maximizing card output
  • Low power consumption and noise emission
  • Accurate temperature control ensures consistent high punching quality
  • Simple to use & maintain

GSM Module Punching & Scribing Machine

Hawkes System delivers precise, accurate punching & scribing. The thickness detection system with an easy-to-read display panel ensures that the machine does not punch and scribe when the card thickness is outside of preset parameters. When a defective card is found, it passes through all stations and is put into the defective card magazine.
The system ensures accurate positioning - the transport belt is driven by a servomotor with positioning accuracy of ±0.05 mm.

A positioning device accurately locates the cards for precise punching. Then a pneumatic punching system, together with a high-precision male and female die, delivers consistently high quality scribing.

At the scribing station, a pneumatic tool knife scribes lines with extreme precision on both sides of the card where the narrow “bridge” connects the SIM chip to the card body. A positioning device accurately locates the cards for scribing, allowing the SIM chip to break out easily from the card body when needed.
A scribing depth display panel continually shows the scribing status. This feature eliminates over scribing and saves adjustment time.

Hawkes Plastic Card Laminating Systems for Contact & Contactless Cards

This machine has an extremely rigid and robust construction. High parallelism ensures accurate laminating is always achieved.
Both the heating press and cooling press are equipped with multi-hydraulic cylinders. Individual controls for the pressure and feedback system of each cylinder ensure excellent parallelism of all platens and highly accurate machine operation.

Precise temperature controls along with a sophisticated feed-back system provide even temperature distribution, allowing control of the temperature of a single platen to within ± 1.5° C and the average temperature of the platens to be within ± 1.0° C. Thermal oil is used to heat the heating press using a high-precision heating control system, providing much better temperature distribution than electrically heated platens.

A constant-temperature oil cooler accurately controls the operating temperature of the hydraulic system, enabling the system to run continuously 24 hours-a-day with consistent laminating quality.

The cooling press is cooled through an optional closed-circuit water chiller that provides excellent temperature control.

A special synchronized mechanical stop device, combined with programmable multi-hydraulic pressure settings in different heating and cooling stages, ensures perfect laminating results even for contactless cards.

To maintain uniform cooling of the material over the complete area, the transfer system between the heating press and the cooling press stabilizes the material in the heated condition by fast transfer into the cooling press.

The latest touch-screen operator interface with machine dialogue and self-diagnostic troubleshooting makes the system easy to operate

By having a completely separate heating press and cooling press, the system avoids the cost of heating up and cooling down the same platens during the laminating process. This not only saves energy costs, but also reduces cycle time and increases output.

Hawkes Magnetic Tape Layer Machines

Hawkes Magnetic Tape Layer features individual control of the heat and pressure for each roller, enabling precision fine-tuning to maintain the highest quality production.

Operating speed is adjustable for different overlay material with a normal operating speed of 5 ~ 7m/min.The air-shaft core clamp single-roll overlay material stand features adjustable tension control and a lateral moving device.

A touch-screen operator interface with machine dialogue and self-diagnostic trouble shooting makes the system easy to operate.

Hawkes Plastic Card Tooling and Punching Dies

Hawkes can supply all types of plastic card cutting dies including match metal card trim dies and sharp edge card trim dies. Hawkes can supply tooling for a wide variety of applications and materials, including PVC, Polycarbonate, ABS, Polyester, PET and more.



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