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Solar Module Laminator

Hawkes Solar Module Laminator with semi-automatic loading/unloading conveyors offers you the new generation in lamination or encapsulation of materials to form void-free composite structures for the manufacture of solar cells.

The laminator bonds multiple layers of materials together with thermoplastic or thermosetting films.

The processing chamber has temperature, vacuum and pneumatic pressure capabilities, which are independently controlled to provide optimum processing conditions to suit your materials and configurations.

Cycle time based on module 125cm x 125cm, 72 cells, 165w is 2 modules/15 min cycle ie: 8 modules per hour.

The complete lamination and cure sequence takes approx 20-30 minutes for stand curing ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) based encapsulants.

Key advantages:

Rigidity & smooth operation ensure maximum accuracy of components at all times
Unique diaphragm clamping system allows the diaphragm sheet to be replaced quickly and easily
Full safety system to ensure peace of mind for the operator
Latest PLC control with colour touch screen for user friendly quick set up
Semi-automatic conveyors provide easy module loading/unloading to and from the laminator
Conveyors are reversible. Both conveyors can be used as either a loading or unloading conveyor.
Conveyor Feed speed 14m/min

Solar Cell Structure Solar Module



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